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Breast Cupping Therapy

Many women have areas of congestion in their breasts because the circulation and lymphatic drainage are poor. Wearing a bra that is too tight, or wearing a bra constantly can restrict the normal pathways of circulation, which results in accumulation of cellular toxins and debris. Problems with congested breasts can happen as the result of injuries, stress, inadequate exercise, previous infection, and other factors.


            The effect can be breast tenderness or soreness, lumps in the breast, pre-cancerous changes, loss of tone of the breasts, a tendency toward mastitis, or chronic tension in the chest.


The vacu-therapy machine uses a very gentle vacuum to rhythmically massage the breasts. This stimulates blood circulation and lymph drainage, and helps mobilize toxins so they can be eliminated through the lymphatic system. The treatment also increases oxygen supply to tissues, which improves the overall health and increases the pH. This result of breast vacu-therapy is improving or eliminating areas of congestion and cysts, and substantially reducing the risk of breast cancer. Although a series of treatments may be necessary, depending on the individual case, reduction of breast congestion is obvious even after one session.


Breast vacu-therapy also gently stimulates pituitary and feminine hormones during each session. Oxytocin, a pituitary hormone that helps with overall relaxation, is released during a cupping session. This helps with overall well-being, relieves fibromyalgia symptoms, reduces chronic pain, and helps relieve symptoms of stress.


Cupping therapy has been safely and effectively used for a variety of health problems for thousands of years. Breast thera-cupping has been used by natural doctors for over 125 years, though the methods were crude compared with modern technology. The procedure used at Health+Plus is a 21st century method of applying measured vacuum and massage cupping to help specifically with breast concerns and to optimize breast health.


Most women find the 30-minute therapy sessions comfortable and very relaxing. The combination of improved circulation and the effect on the pituitary gland often have a calming effect, and some women report improved sleep after a therapy session.


This procedure not only helps with overall breast health, but a series of treatments will help tone and plump the breasts, can encourage natural growth of under-developed breasts, and lifts the breasts through stimulation of the underlying ligaments, making them appear healthier and more youthful. The treatments also encourage natural collagen production, making the skin of the breasts more supple, and the underlying breast tissues more firm.